Monday, May 9, 2011

Tika Putri


Artist Sexy Tika Putri Hastari or more familiarly called the Tika Putri film career began in a friend's invitation to attend the casting.

The art world seems to have no foreign women for the birth of Bandung, 1 November 1989 this, since the children already know the art of dance. Tika proficient in modern dance and salsa.

Even though as a newcomer, Tika has some film star such as the big screen,"Perempuan Berkalung Sorban".
In addition to film, also play a role in the Tika sinetron yasmin and TV SHOW COFFEE Bean. Newest film, QUEEN BEE started in May 2009 running on this.

Although akting career in the world, but the Business Management faculty student Bina Nusantara Jakarta has a dream career in the fashion world. Movie stars Jagad CODE X plan to take in order to support the school fashion ideals.

Tika also began to recognize the presenter, to become one of the presenters DERINGS music events in the Trans TV.

If the difficulty some people wake up early, as the presenter is Tika Putri, who is happy to present events in the early in the morning. Moreover, in work, women who are also performers that come together with some friend.

At around 07.30 WIB, with the senior Tika should present excellent music program in the studio. Themselves still need to prepare themselves, and some time before the event started already should be in the location. There is no other way except the morning must wake up blind, while most people should still soundly asleep.

In addition Tika recorded as most young presenters, many who claim to have knowledge of the senior. This makes it a more vibrant work. In fact, not uncommon, 'the teacher' gives the stock before the science in front of the camera is active.

During the present session Putri, should do the creativity and improvisation. Scripts are only the standard course, while the presenter must develop its own

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