Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tribal IguanaTattoo - Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo!

Choosing a tribal iguana tattoo is an awesome idea, but where do you start?

Investing in body art can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider. Design, location, artist, the list is positively endless it seems.

Realistically speaking, you know that this is not something that you jump into or do on a whim. This requires a great deal of thought, self evaluation and homework on your part. After all, it's not like a haircut that can grow back. This is a permanent decision. An expensive, permanent decision.

You have gone over the pros and cons in your head, and have decided that getting a tattoo is what you want to do. You also know that you have figured out that you are leaning towards some kind of tribal design. That is something that won't require long explanations to your grandkids like putting an album cover on your back. Plus, you have always liked the way they looked, it really was no choice.

You pull Google up on your computer, and type in "tribal iguana tattoo" and do an image search. Instead of finding many different designs, you notice they are quite repetitive. You want something that is a little more unique, a little more you.

Starting again, you follow link after link to various tattoo sites and forums. The free ones seem to be a repeat of what you had already viewed on Google. Deciding that it is an important enough decision to have to make, you bring out your credit card and head to one of the pay sites. As you browse through features, you see that a few of them have reviews of parlors, local parlors! That will help make another decision. You type in your numbers, and enter.

Inside is a cornucopia of art. The designs are beautiful! You click on the tribal link, and start to click through the pages, when suddenly the middle of page 7 catches your eye. You click on the thumbnail, and all of a sudden, the most beautiful design you have ever seen is full size on your screen. You have found it! This site helped you pick your design and your parlor!

A few weeks later, you know you have made all the right choices. All you need to do now is enjoy it!

Good luck getting your new tribal iguana tattoo!

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