Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Reason Behind the Power of the Lotus Tattoo

One good way to express your personality and your individuality is by means of a tattoo. Every tattoo design carries with it a certain meaning and symbolism that can represent you. The choice is up to you; you can choose from a wide variety of designs. Certain types of flowers, for example, give you a good choice for a design. A lot of people like flowers for this purpose. And when it comes to flowers, the lotus flower is a very popular choice. These flowers carry a significant amount of meaning.

And the meaning of a lotus flower is rooted in the way in which it grows. You don't usually think of the bottom of a still body of water is something pleasant; in fact, "pond scum" may come to mind. Yet it is here that the lotus flower gets its beginning.

The lotus flower begins to grow at the bottom of still water. Its beginning is as a small bud attached to a vine. The vine begins a gradual climb towards the surface of the water. What is interesting is that the bud keeps facing downward, even as the vine goes up towards the sun. When the bud is close to the surface, it finally turns around to face the sunlight. Once it reaches this state and it's free of the water, the flower blossoms into a stunningly beautiful state.

The symbolism is obviously powerful here. Namely, that something so beautiful could have risen out of the slimy muck of the bottom. Yet this is the progress it makes - from an ugly start to a beautiful finish.

These are some of the meanings of the lotus tattoo:

* It represents love and the nostalgia that goes with it
* It symbolizes birth and the beauty that rises with it
* It stands for a new beginning in life

So not only is the representation of the lotus flower something grand, it can also be something truly beautiful. If you can find a tattoo artist who can capture this beauty for you, you are bound to have a great work of art show up on your skin. The lotus flower tattoos tend to take on the vibrant colors that they have in real life.

A lotus flower tattoo is indeed a great choice if what you are after is a truly beautiful tattoo. You can be sure that this kind of tattoo will command a great deal of admiration wherever you go with it. So don't hesitate to get your own.

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