Monday, May 24, 2010

The Best Hair Care

Certain hair care issues, such as greying hair and dandruff, can cause anxiety and distress and be difficult to talk about. However Grey hairFor grey hair, the only real, lasting solution is regular dying, although certain products will help to restore shine and health to the hair.

Dying grey hair

If you choose to colour your hair, it’s important to do this no more than once every six weeks, particularly if the hair dye you are using contains bleach. Over-use of bleaching agents can damage the hair and leave it looking lifeless.

For the best results, get your hair dyed professionally – it is easy to go wrong if you try it yourself, and a salon professional will give you a tone and style perfectly suited to you, highly unlikely if you use a shop-bought dying product. you have chosen to dye your hair, opt for shampoos for dyed hair. These sometimes contain tiny amounts of pigment which attach to the cuticle and bring out the radiance and colour of the hair.

Dandruff is usually caused by a naturally occurring type of yeast which exists on everbody’s scalp. When this yeast grows too much, the scalp has an inflammatory immune response, and more skin cells grow and die on the scalp. Usually, there are fewer dead skin cells and they disappear quickly.
With dandruff, the dead skin cells form clusters and these start to become visible. The scalp can start to itch and peel.

Using a medicated shampoo

Dandruff affects huge numbers of people but it is usually very easy to deal with. In most cases, the dandruff is treatable with a good quality medicated shampoo. If a medicated shampoo does not do the trick, visit a trichologist (hair specialist) for further checks and advice.

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